Saturday, May 6, 2017

Uncle Tom's Cabin 9


The light of the cheerful fire shone on the rug and carpet of a cosey parlor, and glittered on the sides of the tea-cups and well-brightened tea-pot, as Senator Bird was drawing off his boots...
-> Un hedo piro dona lumi ad u tape de u place termo sedi-ka, plus a plu latu de plu tea tasa e buli-va, tem lega-face-pe Bird apo bi botina.

“Well,” said his wife, after the business of the tea-table was getting rather slack, “and what have they been doing in the Senate?”
-> An gina dice...: "Ben, qe mu pa akti a lega-face-lo?"

“Not very much of importance.”
-> "Nuli-ra de gravi."

“Not very much of importance.”
-> "Nuli-ra de gravi."

“Well; but is it true that they have been passing a law forbidding people to give meat and drink to those poor colored folks that come along? I heard they were talking of some such law, but I didn’t think any Christian legislature would pass it!”
-> "Ben, qe es veri; mu pa akti u lega, qi fu sti veto; pe dona vora e bibe a plu pove Afrika-pe, qi ki a ci?... Mi doxo; u Kristo-pe lega-face-fa ne akti u-la."

After a moment, his wife’s voice was heard at the door, in a quick, earnest tone,--“John! John! I do wish you’d come here, a moment.”
-> Po minuta, u voka de an gina gene audi a porta per u tako, gravi soni: "John! John! Mi forti volu; tu ki a ci tem minuta."

After a moment, his wife’s voice was heard at the door, in a quick, earnest tone,--“John! John! I do wish you’d come here, a moment.”
-> Po minuta, u voka de an gina gene audi a porta per u tako, gravi soni: "John! John! Mi forti volu; tu ki a ci tem minuta."

He laid down his paper, and went into the kitchen, and started, quite amazed at the sight that presented itself:--A young and slender woman, with garments torn and frozen, with one shoe gone, and the stocking torn away from the cut and bleeding foot, was laid back in a deadly swoon upon two chairs.
-> An lase u jurnala, e ki a kuko-ka, e este subito kausa u vista, qi monstra se: U juve e tenu gina ko plu ge-skizo e ge-geli vesti minus mo pedi-ve e kon u ge-skizo pedi-te a vulna de hema pedi du kumbe proxi a morta a bi sedi-mo.

Suddenly an expression of agony crossed her face, and she sprang up, saying, “O, my Harry! Have they got him?”
-> Subito, u algo signi es a fe facia. Fe akti u salta, tem dice: "O mi Harry! Qe mu habe an?"

The boy, at this, jumped from Cudjoe’s knee, and running to her side put up his arms. “O, he’s here! he’s here!” she exclaimed.
-> U ju-an kron akti u salta... e ki per dromo a fe latu, e sti leva bi braki. Fe dice: "O, an es a ci! An es a ci!"

A temporary bed was provided for her on the settle, near the fire; and, after a short time, she fell into a heavy slumber, with the child, who seemed no less weary, soundly sleeping on her arm...
-> U tem kli gene dona a fe proxi a piro. Po brevi tem, fe gene u profunda somni kon u-la infanti, qi ne feno habe mei fatiga, ko somni ad auto braki.

* * *

The woman was now sitting up on the settle, by the fire.
-> U-la gina kron du sedi proxi a piro.

Tell me where you came from, and what you want,” said she.
-> Sra.Bird dice: "Sti dice u stori a me; tu ki de qo loka, e tu volu qo."

“Were you a slave?” said Mr. Bird.
-> Sr.Bird dice: "Qe tu pa es u dulo?"

“Yes, sir; I belonged to a man in Kentucky.”
-> Ja, senior. Mi es u habe-ra de un andro a Kentucky."

“And was your mistress unkind to you?”
-> "Plus-co qe un habe-fe akti a tu per severi?"

The woman looked up at Mrs. Bird, with a keen, scrutinizing glance, and it did not escape her that she was dressed in deep mourning.
-> U-la gina du skope a sra.Bird per un examina vide. Fe gene u ski; fe habe a se plu morta-tristi vesti.

“Ma’am,” she said, suddenly, “have you ever lost a child?”
-> Fe dice: "Seniora, qe tu pa losa un infanti?"

“Why do you ask that? I have lost a little one.”
-> "Tu pa dice u qestio tende qo? Mi pa lose un infanti."

“Then you will feel for me. I have lost two, one after another,--left ‘em buried there when I came away; and I had only this one left. I never slept a night without him; he was all I had. He was my comfort and pride, day and night; and, ma’am, they were going to take him away from me,--to _sell_ him..."
-> "Kausa-co tu fu este tristi de mi. Mi pa lose bi, u mo po u bi, e lase mu in tera, kron mi ki de la. Plus-co mi habe solo u-ci. Mi pa nuli-kron gene somni sine an. An es panto-ra, mi habe. An pa es mi simpati e bombasti holo di e holo noktu. Plus-co, seniora, mu fu kapti an de mi- tende akti u vendo de an."

“And where do you mean to go, my poor woman?” said Mrs. Bird.
-> Sra.Bird dice: "Tu volu ki a qo loka, mi pove gina?"

“To Canada, if I only knew where that was.
-> "A Kanada, si mi sio habe u ski; id es a qo loka."

“Well, I know pretty well where to,” said the senator, beginning to put on his boots, with a reflective air...
-> U lega-face-pe dice, tem moti bi botina a se kon u puta feno: "Ben, mi boni ski a qo loka."

“You see,” he said, “there’s my old client, Van Trompe, has come over from Kentucky, and set all his slaves free; and he has bought a place seven miles up the creek, here, back in the woods, where nobody goes..."
-> "Sti logi. La es mi u pre gene-servi-pe, Van Trompe, qi pa ki a ci de Kentucky, e lase libe auto pan dulo. An pa akti u merka de u loka deka kilometra longi u-ci fluvi in silva, nuli-pe ki a."

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