Sunday, April 23, 2017

Uncle Tom's Cabin 8


Haley therefore slowly and discontentedly returned to the little tavern, to ponder further what was to be done.
-> Haley ko lento e tristi ki ad u-la pusi somni domi, tende sti puta de qod akti.

He was startled by the loud and dissonant voice of a man who was apparently dismounting at the door.
-> An gene subito kausa u forti e non-hedo voka de andro, qi kron ki de equs proxi a porta.

"... Why, Loker, how are ye?” said Haley, coming forward, and extending his hand to the big man.
-> Haley dice, tem ki ad ante, e moti u manu ad u-la mega andro: "Sti logi, Loker, komo es tu?

"... I’m in a devil of a hobble, and you must help me out.”
-> "Mi habe u diaboli turba. Plus-co tu debi dona auxi a mi."

Haley began a pathetic recital of his peculiar troubles.
-> Haley proto u sti-tristi re-dice de plu idio no-facili.

... said Haley, alarmed; “you catch the boy for the job;--you allers did trade _far_ with me, Tom, and was up to yer word.”
-> Haley dice ko fobo: "Tu sti kapti u ju-an komo ergo. Tu pan-kron akti boni negoti ko mi, Tom, e akti u promise ko ple."

[... said Tom:] "You’ve got to fork over fifty dollars, flat down, or this child don’t start a peg. I know yer.”
-> Tom dice: "Tu nece dona 50 dolara, imedia. Alo-co u-la infanti negoti ne gene proto. Mi habe ski de tu."

“I s’pose you’ve got good dogs,” said Haley.
-> Haley dice: "Mi habe un idea; tu habe plu boni kani."

“Well,” said Loker, who had just stepped out to the bar to make some inquiries, “they say the man’s come with the boat...
-> Loker dice...: "Ben, mu dice; u-la andro ko navi pa ki a ci."

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