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Uncle Tom's Cabin 7


It is impossible to conceive of a human creature more wholly desolate and forlorn than Eliza, when she turned her footsteps from Uncle Tom’s cabin.
-> Sti imagi de u homi bio-ra ma holo sine spe e ko ge-lase de Eliza, kron fe tropi plu gradu de domi de Tom, ne es posi.

But stronger than all was maternal love, wrought into a paroxysm of frenzy by the near approach of a fearful danger.
-> Kontra-co ma forti de pan ra pa es matri filo, ge-face a pikro de rabi, kausa u ki proxi de fobo risko.

...but now the bare thought of putting him out of her arms made her shudder, and she strained him to her bosom with a convulsive grasp, as she went rapidly forward.
-> U simpli puta de moti an de bi braki sti; fe habe seiso. Fe du presa an a toraci ko forti tena, tem fe ki ko rapidi ad ante.

When horses and vehicles began to move along the highway, with that alert perception peculiar to a state of excitement, and which seems to be a sort of inspiration, she became aware that her headlong pace and distracted air might bring on her remark and suspicion.
-> Po plu equs e vagona proto ki longi u cefa via... fe gene ski; u rapidi gradu e no-norma feno posi dona a fe nota e etio.

On this presumption, she stopped at noon at a neat farmhouse, to rest herself, and buy some dinner for her child and self...
-> Fe sto ki kron di meso ad u sistema agri eko-do, tende sti repara se, e akti u merka de vora pro u fili e se.

The good woman, kindly and gossipping, seemed rather pleased than
otherwise with having somebody come in to talk with
-> U boni gina ko gluko e mu-dice, feno es ma hedo de norma de habe uno-pe ki in la e akti ko-dice.

An hour before sunset, she entered the village of T----, by the Ohio river, weary and foot-sore, but still strong in heart.
-> Mo horo pre noktu, fe ki ad u viki T----, proxi ad u fluvi Ohio, ko fatiga e bi algo pedi, sed a-kron forti de kardia.

It was now early spring, and the river was swollen and turbulent; great cakes of floating ice were swinging heavily to and fro in the turbid waters.
-> Kron es u gema-tem proto. U fluvi habe lati e strepto. Plu mega plano glaci mero du osci a ci e la in turba aqa.

Eliza stood, for a moment, contemplating this unfavorable aspect of things, which she saw at once must prevent the usual ferry-boat from running, and then turned into a small public house on the bank, to make a few inquiries.
-> Eliza du sta mo minuta, tem puta de u-la mali fortuna mode de pan ra, fe gene logi kon imedia de; u-ci sto; u norma-tem trans-navi ki. Po-co fe sti tropi se ad u pusi komuni domi a ripa, tende dice oligo qestio.

“Isn’t there any ferry or boat, that takes people over to B----, now?”  she said.
-> Fe dice: "Qe es ali trans-navi, qi nu akti u fero de plu homi a B----?"

“There’s a man a piece down here, that’s going over with some truck this evening, if he durs’ to; he’ll be in here to supper tonight, so you’d better set down and wait. That’s a sweet little fellow,” added the woman, offering him a cake.
-> U gina dice: "Es un andro subo proxi, qi fu ki ko qantita kargo nu-vespera, si an posi ki. An fu es a ci tende gene vora nu-vespera. Kausa-co tu nece sti sedi e atende. U-ci es u gluko pusi pe." Plus-co an tenta dona ad an u biskokta.

“Poor fellow! he isn’t used to walking, and I’ve hurried him on so,”  said Eliza.
-> Eliza dice: "Sti simpati pe! An ne habe more de ki per pedi. Mi pa sti tali rapidi an."

“Well, take him into this room,” said the woman, opening into a small bed-room, where stood a comfortable bed.
-> U gina dice: "Ben, sti duce an ad u-ci kamera." Fe sti aperi u pusi kli ka, loka u gluko kli du sta.

... the thought of the pursuer urged her on; and she gazed with longing eyes on the sullen, surging waters that lay between her and liberty.
-> U puta de u casa-pe du ago Eliza. Fe du skope per bi fo-volu oku u skoto, turba fluvi, qi es inter fe e libe.

* * *

-> U kampana gene soni. Per-co Tom gene bali ad u sedi-ka.

“Tom,” said his master, kindly, “I want you to notice that I give this gentleman bonds to forfeit a thousand dollars if you are not on the spot when he wants you; he’s going today to look after his other business, and you can have the day to yourself.
-> An cefa dice ko gluko: "Tom, mi volu; tu gene nota; mi dona ad u-ci andro sura valuta de lose 1000 dolara, si tu ne fu es la, kron an volu tu. An ki nu-di, tende akti de auto hetero negoti. Kausa-co tu pote habe nu-di pro se."

“And mind yourself,” said the trader, “and don’t come it over your master with any o’ yer nigger tricks;
-> U negoti-pe dice: "Akorda-co habe kura de se. Ne akti falsi a tu cefa per ali Afrika-pe enigma."

... said Tom... "And now I jist ask you, Mas’r, have I ever broke word to you, or gone contrary to you, ‘specially since I was a Christian?”
->Tom dice: "Mi nu dice u qestio, mi cefa; qe mi ali-kron sto u promise a tu, alo akti kontra tu, idio po-kron mi gene es u Kristo-pe?"

“And sure as I am a Christian woman,” said Mrs. Shelby, “you shall be redeemed as soon as I can any way bring together means..."
-> Sra.Shelby dice; "Tali sura de mi es u Kristo-pe gina, tu fu gene re-merka tali rapidi, de mi pote gene u mode."

At two o’clock Sam and Andy brought the horses up to the posts...
-> Kron horo 2:00, Sam e Andy moti plu equs e liga-ru.

* * *

In consequence of all the various delays, it was about three-quarters of an hour after Eliza had laid her child to sleep in the village tavern that the party came riding into the same place.
-> Kausa pan difere lento, es tri-su-tetra de horo, po Eliza pa moti u fili tende somni in viki tem somni-do, kron u tri-fa ki a la.

Her room opened by a side door to the river.
-> Fe kamera habe u a latu porta ad u-la fluvi.

She caught her child, and sprang down the steps towards it.
-> Fe kapti u fili, e ki ko salta longi u skala ad id.

The trader caught a full glimpse of her just as she was disappearing down the bank; and throwing himself from his horse, and calling loudly on Sam and Andy, he was after her like a hound after a deer.
-> U negoti-pe gene u rapidi vista de fe, kron fe lose vista, kron ki ad infra a ripa. Po akti u salta de equs, tem sti voci a Sam e Andy, an ki a fe, homo u kani a cervus.

Right on behind they came; and, nerved with strength such as God gives only to the desperate, with one wild cry and flying leap, she vaulted sheer over the turbid current by the shore, on to the raft of ice beyond.
-> Mu ki proxi a fe. Ko forti, Teo dona solo a plu sine-spe pe, e ko mo agrio voci e rapidi salta, fe ki trans forti flu de ripa a plankto glaci mero.

With wild cries and desperate energy she leaped to another and still another cake...
-> Ko plu agrio voci e sine-spe energi, fe akti u salta a plus e plus mero.

... but she saw nothing, felt nothing, till dimly, as in a dream, she saw the Ohio side, and a man helping her up the bank.
-> Kontra-co fe vide nuli-ra, este nuli-ra, a-kron, homo in skoto de u somni vista, fe vide ad stato Ohio [o-hae-o] ripa un andro, qi dona auxi de ki a supra.

... said he, pointing to a large white house which stood by itself, off the main street of the village. “Go thar; they’re kind folks...
-> An dice, tem akti un indika ad u certa albi do, qi du sta solo de u cefa viki via: "Sti ki a la. Mu es plu afabla homi."

Haley had stood a perfectly amazed spectator of the scene, till Eliza had disappeared up the bank, when he turned a blank, inquiring look on Sam and Andy.
-> Haley pa du sta, u skope-pe ko mira, a-kron an lose u vista de Eliza supra u ripa. Po-co an sti tropi ko qestio vista a Sam e Andy.

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