Sunday, February 26, 2017

Uncle Tom's Cabin 6


Mr. Shelby was standing before his dressing-glass, sharpening his razor; and just then the door opened, and a colored boy entered, with his shaving-water.
-> Sr.Shelby sta ante u spekula, tem sti akuto an razo-ru. Kron u porta gene aperi, kron un Afrika ju-an ki in la kon an razo aqa.

“Andy,” said his mistress, “step to Eliza’s door, and tell her I have rung for her three times. Poor thing!” she added, to herself, with a sigh.
-> An fe-cefa dice: "Andy, sti ki a porta de Eliza, e dice; mi pa sti soni kampani pro fe tri vice..."

Andy soon returned, with eyes very wide in astonishment.
-> Andy po brevi tem re-ki ko bi oku lati kausa stupe.

“Lor, Missis! Lizy’s drawers is all open, and her things all lying every which way; and I believe she’s just done clared out!”
-> "O, seniora! Pan tira teka de Eliza habe aperi. Plus fe pan ra kumbe a pan direkti. Plus-co mi este; fe nu-pa ki ex la!"

“The Lord be thanked!” said Mrs. Shelby. “I trust she is.”
-> Sra.Shelby dice: "Na Kirio gene grati! Mi habe u spe; fe pa ki."

“Wife, you talk like a fool! Really, it will be something pretty awkward for me, if she is. Haley saw that I hesitated about selling this child, and he’ll think I connived at it, to get him out of the way. It touches my honor!” And Mr. Shelby left the room hastily.
-> Veri, fu es forti no-facili a mi, si fe pa ki. Haley vide; mi sti atende de vendo de u-la infanti. Kausa-co an fu este; mi face u skema de u-ci..."

When, at last, Haley appeared, booted and spurred, he was saluted with the bad tidings on every hand.
-> Kron Haley ko bi botina e equs sti-ru fini-kron gene vista, an gene saluta de pan pe ko mali info.

“I say now, Shelby, this yer ‘s a most extro’rnary business!” said Haley, as he abruptly entered the parlor. “It seems that gal ‘s off, with her young un.”
-> Haley dice, kron an ki ko tako a sedi-ka: "Mi nu dice, Shelby, u-ci es maxi no-norma pragma..."

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