Sunday, February 19, 2017

Uncle Tom's Cabin 5


Mr. and Mrs. Shelby had retired to their apartment for the night.
-> Sr.e sra.Shelby ki a somni-ka kron noktu.

...and turning to her husband, she said, carelessly,
-> Po tropi se ad andro, fe dice ko no-kura:

“By the by, Arthur, who was that low-bred fellow that you lugged in to our dinner-table today?”
-> "Para pan ra, Arthur, qo pa es u-la kako-eduka pe, tu pa duce a na vespera table nu-di?

“Is he a negro-trader?” said Mrs. Shelby, noticing a certain embarrassment in her husband’s manner.
-> "Qe an es un Afrika-pe negoti-pe?"

“I told Eliza,” said Mrs. Shelby, as she continued brushing her hair, “that she was a little fool for her pains, and that you never had anything to do with that sort of persons...
-> Sr.Shelby dice, tem fe du moti u brosa tra kapila: "Mi pa dice ad Eliza... tu zero-kron habe plu pragma ko u-la speci de persona."

“Well, Emily,” said her husband, “so I have always felt and said; but the fact is that my business lies so that I cannot get on without. I shall have to sell some of my hands.”
-> Fe andro dice: "Ben, Emily, mi pan-kron pa este a dice so. U faktu es; mi plu negoti es so; mi nece valuta. Mi fu nece akti plu vendo de mi plu labori pe.

“I’ve agreed to sell Tom.”
-> "Mi pa akti u akorda de u vendo de Tom."

Well, I can believe anything now,--I can believe _now_ that you could sell little Harry, poor Eliza’s only child!” said Mrs. Shelby, in a tone between grief and indignation.
-> "Ben, mi nu pote habe u kredo de pan ra. Mi nu pote habe u kredo; tu pote akti u vendo de pusi Harry, u solo fili de sti-simpati Eliza!"

“Well, since you must know all, it is so.
-> "Ben, kausa tu debi ski pan ra, es so."

Mrs. Shelby stood like one stricken.
-> Sra.Shelby sta homo u ge-bate pe.

“This is God’s curse on slavery!--a bitter, bitter, most accursed thing!--a curse to the master and a curse to the slave! I was a fool to think I could make anything good out of such a deadly evil. It is a sin to hold a slave under laws like ours...
-> "U-ci es u kako de Teo de habe plu dulo! U severi, severi, maxi kako ra! Kako a cefa e kako a dulo! Mi pa es u moroni, qi habe u doxo; mi pote akti u boni ra de so morta kako. Es no justi akti kontra Teo habe ali dulo sub plu lega homo na lega."

* * *

Communicating with their apartment was a large closet, opening by a door into the outer passage. When Mrs. Shelby had dismissed Eliza for the night, her feverish and excited mind had suggested the idea of this closet...
-> Proxi a somni ka es u mega stora ka, qi habe u porta ad un atria. Kron sra.Shelby pa bali Eliza de la tem noktu, fe trauma e excite menta habe u-la idea de u-la stora ka.

When the voices died into silence, she rose and crept stealthily away.
-> Po bi voka gene taci, fe ki de la, e ki ko kripti.

... she went to a drawer and made up a little package of clothing for her boy, which she tied with a handkerchief firmly round her waist...
-> Fe kine ad u certa tira teka, e face u pusi paketa de vesti pro auto infani, fe forti liga ko nasa te a soma meso.

“Where are you going, mother?” said he, as she drew near the bed, with his little coat and cap.
-> An dice, kron fe ki proxi ad an kli ko an pusi extra ve e kefa ve: "Tu ki a qo loka, matri?"

“Hush, Harry,” she said; “mustn’t speak loud, or they will hear us...
-> Fe dice: "Sti taci, Harry. Debi ne dice ko forti, alo mu fu audi na."

Saying these words, she had tied and buttoned on the child’s simple outfit, and, taking him in her arms, she whispered to him to be very still; and, opening a door in her room which led into the outer verandah, she glided noiselessly out.
-> Tem dice plu-ci verba, fe liga e butona plu simpli vesti ad infani. Tem prende an a fe bi braki, fe dice ko susura ad an; sto moti se. Po sti aperi u porta de somni ka, qi habe aperi a veranda, fe ki ko taci de la.

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