Sunday, January 1, 2017

Uncle Tom's Cabin 3


Mrs. Shelby had gone on her visit, and Eliza stood in the verandah, rather dejectedly looking after the retreating carriage, when a hand was laid on her shoulder.
-> Sra.Shelby pa pre ki tende visita. Eliza sta a veranda, tem skope u fe vagona, kron u manu gene moti a skapa.

“George, is it you?...
-> "George, qe es tu?"

... said George, bitterly. I wish I’d never been born myself!”
-> George dice ko koleri: "Mi volu; mi nuli kron pa gene nati!"

... if you only trust in God, and try to do right, he’ll deliver you.”
-> "Si tu habe fide a Teo e akti justi, An fu akti tu salva."

“I an’t a Christian like you, Eliza; my heart’s full of bitterness; I can’t trust in God.
-> "Mi ne es u Kristo pe, homo tu, Eliza. Mi kardia habe mega koleri. Mi ne pote habe fide a Teo."

“So, Eliza, my girl,” said the husband, mournfully, “bear up, now; and good-by, for I’m going.”
-> Fe andro dice: "Eliza, mi karo, nu sti koragi se. Un ultima saluta, kausa mi ki de ci.

"... I’ll be free, or I’ll die!”
-> "Mi fu habe libe, alo mi fu habe morta!

“Well, then, Eliza, hear my plan. Mas’r took it into his head to send me right by here, with a note to Mr. Symmes, that lives a mile past.
-> "Sti logi, Eliza, sti audi mi skema. Mi cefa pa puta; an bali mi ultra ci ko un info grama pro sr.Symmes [Simz], qi du eko ultra ci bi kilometra.

"... in the course of a week or so, I shall be among the missing, some day...
-> "Po mo setimana alo ma mega, mi fu es inter plu ge-lose pe u certa di."

They stood silent; then there were last words, and sobs, and bitter weeping,--such parting as those may make whose hope to meet again is as the spider’s web,--and the husband and wife were parted.
-> Mu sta ko paci. Po-co es plu ultima verba e tristi e forti lakri... Po-co bi andro e gina gene divide.

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