Sunday, December 25, 2016

Uncle Tom's Cabin 2


Eliza had been brought up by her mistress, from girlhood, as a petted and indulged favorite.
-> Eliza pa gene eduka de auto fe-cefa de ju-fe tem, komo u ge-favo maxi-amo-pe.

The traveller in the south must often have remarked that peculiar air of refinement, that softness of voice and manner, which seems in many cases to be a particular gift to the quadroon and mulatto women.
-> Plu viagia-pe a plu USA austra stato, freqe pa dice plu nota de u-la idio gentili feno, u-la place voka e mode, qi poli-kron es un idio dona-ra a plu mono-su-tetra-Afrika fe-dulo.

These natural graces in the quadroon are often united with beauty of the most dazzling kind...
-> Plu-ci natura place in plu mono-su-tetra Afrika pe freqe gene uni ko sti-interese kali.

She had been married to a bright and talented young mulatto man, who was a slave on a neighboring estate, and bore the name of George Harris.
-> Fe pa gene game ad u certa sofi e tekno juve mono-su-tetra andro, qi es u dulo ad u certa proxi habe-lo, e qi habe u nomina George [Giorgi] Harris [Heris].

He had invented a machine for the cleaning of the hemp...
-> An pa face u mekina de puri de fi fito Kanabis.

Nevertheless, as this young man was in the eye of the law not a man, but a thing, all these superior qualifications were subject to the control of a vulgar, narrow-minded, tyrannical master.
-> Para-co, kausa u-ci juve andro ne es un andro akorda u lega, sed u ra, pan-ci ma boni qalita gene sub arki de u certa steno-menta, deino cefa.

He’d take him back, and put him to hoeing and digging, and “see if he’d step about so smart.”
-> An fu prende an itera a la, e sti; an itera face plu fosi e fora, plus-co an fu gene u ski; "An habe so bombasti mode e mega ski."

It was during the happy period of his employment in the factory that George had seen and married his wife.
-> U-la place tem de labori in u-la face-do, George pa pre vide e gene game kon Eliza.

And so fell George’s last hope;--nothing before him but a life of toil and drudgery...
-> Komo-co un ultima spe de George pa gene kade. Es nuli ra ante an excepti u bio de labori e fatiga.

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