Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wendy Ashby has passed away

->  Wendy Ashby pa lose bio

Wendy Ashby, the owner and co-creator of Glosa and creator of "Tako Glosa," has passed away after a long struggle with cancer.
->  Wendy Ashby, un habe-pe e ko-krea-pe de Glosa e krea-pe de "Tako Glosa," pa lose bio, po u mega-tem lukta de kanceri-pato.

Wendy with her pleasantness and friendliness was Glosa's greatest asset.
->  Wendy ko sti-hedo e ami qalita pa es u maxi mega valu-ra de Glosa.

Not only will Glosists miss her, but she was active in her own community as well: taking care of the sick, helping with elections, and she loved line-dancing.
->  Ne simpli plu Glosa-pe fu este u minus de fe, sed fe pa habe aktivi plu de auto komuni-lo: plu kura de plu pato-pe, auxi ko plu voti, plus fe este hedo de plu line-kore.

At this point, I don't know what will happen with the Glosa Education Organization (GEO) or the Glosa textbooks kept there.
->  A nu-kron, mi ne habe u ski; qo fu acide a Glosa Eduka Organi (GEO) alo a plu Glosa sko-bibli, ge-tena la.

I am busy now selling my mother's-in-law things (she passed away in June without much insurance), but I will continue to write on this blog in Glosa.
->  Mi nu habe fo-aktivi de vendo plu habe-ra de auto sponsa-matri (fe pa lose bio meno Sixa minus sufici morta valuta-skema), anti-co mi fu du grafo in u-ci blog per Glosa.