Sunday, March 15, 2015

Flash Gordon Fighting Communism

 Flash Gordon sta— faktu in Berlin!

Flash Gordon Fighting Communism
->  Flash Gordon viole anti Komunismo

I like science-fiction stories.  So someone gave me a collection of Flash Gordon videos.
->  Mi amo plu science-fikti stori.  Kausa-co pe pa dona a mi u kolekti ex plu “Flash Gordon” video.

I had already seen the old videos with actor Buster Crabbe.  But I had never seen the television series with Steve Holland made in 1953.  I watched the videos with interest—  Everything Star Trek has, it had: stunguns, faster-than-light travel, traveling to the past, the “transporter” (which they called a “matter transmitter”).
->  Mi pa pre vide plu paleo video kon drama-an Buster Crabbe.  Anti-co mi ne pa vide u televide seri ko Steve Holland, ge-face anua 1953.  Mi skope plu-ci video kon interese—  Panto-ra, u Star Trek [Astro Viagia] habe, id pre habe: plu minus-konski fusili, plu viagia ma tako de lumi, plu viagia a pre tem, u “transporter” (mu nima u “materia bali-me”).

But I noticed something else strange:  Many of the actors had a German accent.  I looked at the show's credit listing and found that the video had been made in Berlin.  Was this an attempt to help West Berlin avoid the menace of Communism?
->  Anti-co mi nota plus u xeno ra:  Poli drama-pe habe u Deutschland-soni dice.  Mi skope u kredito lista de video, e detekti; u video gene face in civita Berlin.  Qe u-ci es u tenta de auxi Uest Berlin ab u menace de Komunismo?

I looked up the series on Wikipedia and found out that to a degree, yes, it was.  Flash Gordon was always fighting off villians, who wanted to take over the universe— just like Communists were trying to take over the world.  One Communist official even criticized the series for insulting Communism.
->  Mi detekti u seri topo Wikipedia, e detekti; ja, id es tali a mero.  Flash Gordon panto-kron lukta anti plu non-ami, qi volu habe un holo universa— homo plu Komunismo-pe tenta habe un holo munda.  U certa Komunismo ofici-pe klu dice plu kritici anti u seri, kausa id dice plu mali ra tema Komunismo.

A few of these videos are on YouTube.  You can watch them and watch Flash Gordon fight Communism.
->  Oligo-ci video es topo YouTube.  Tu pote skope mu, e skope Flash Gordon viole anti Komunismo.

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