Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!

by Barbara Jo Miller

Lord of creation, Redeemer of all-
Asleep in a manger? Bedded down in the straw?
I kneel here amazed that You lay Your crowned head
Where slobbering cattle so recently fed.

Why did You choose it, this place dark and small?
You could stay any place, any at all.
And yet You have chosen THIS place- small and dark-
Out of all the universe. You stay in MY heart.

ex Barbara Jo Miller

Tu, Cefa e Salva-pe de panto-ra-
Tu somn epi fenu la- in sito-va!
O, Tu regi kefa- Sti genu! Sti mira!-
La, topo plu bovi ko limo pa vora.

Tu elekti u-ci, skoto topo, pro qo?
Tu pot eko ali-lo ex panto-lo.
O, anti-co Tu pa elekt eko CI
Ex panto-lo- Tu nu du eko in MI!

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