Sunday, December 5, 2010

U Mode de Dama tu Drako


I recently saw the movie HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON and liked it very much.
> Ante brevi tem mi pa vide u kinema U MODE DE DAMA TU DRAKO e mega amo id.

Of course, the movie is really about how to bring up kids.
> Sura, u kinema es reali de u mode de eduka plu infanti.

It wasn't like FINDING NEMO: Just let your kids do what they want, and they'll turn out fine; parents who get in the way are just worrywarts. (PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE THIS PHILOSOPHY!)
> Id ne es homo DETEKTI NEMO: Simpli lase; tu fili akti plu ra; mu volu. Po-co mu gene sofi. Plu parenta; qi tenta muta u-ci akti excesi turba. (PLACE, NE KREDI U-CI FILO-SOFI!)

It wasn't like LILO AND STITCH: How do you handle the problem child? Give her a problem pet!
> Id ne es homo LILO E STICH: Tu eduka u no-facili infanti per qo mode? Dona a fe u no-facili domi-zoa!

And I'm really glad it wasn't like ERAGON, in which the hero simply gets everything dropped into his lap: He just happens to have been born a good dragon-rider, he just happens to find a dragon egg in his yard, there just happens to be a dragon-riding teacher in his town, there just happens to be a beautiful suit of armor waiting for him, etc.
> Plus-co mi este forti hedo; id ne es homo ERAGON; in qi un hero simpli gene panto-ra minus merito: An simpli per fortuna gene nati iso u boni drako-duce-pe, an simpli per fortuna detekti un ova ex drako topo auto habe-lo, simpli per fortuna es u doci-pe de drako-duce topo an viki, simpli per fortuna es plu kali alexi-ve pro an, plus homo ra.

HTTYD is more realistic, even though it contains mythical dragons.
> HTTYD es ma reali, anti id habe plu no-reali drako in id.

In HTTYD both parent and child, teacher and student make mistakes.
> In HTTYD, e parenta e fili, e doce-pe e stude-pe, face plu ero.

Hiccup works hard and overcomes obstacles to be the hero.
> Hiccup du forti ergo e gene es supra plu no-facili ra te gene es un hero.

To be a good parent is to sacrifice a piece of yourself!
> Es u boni parenta es; sakrifice u mero de se!

(And perhaps dragons aren't so mythical. See:
> (Plus-co plu drako posi ne es tali no-reali. Vide:

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