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Yes. You can see the symbol on the home page of

The Glosa symbol was created by Ron Clark. The three
(almost) circles represent three Glosa vocabularies: GLOSA 1000,
GLOSA 2000, and GLOSA 6000. At the center of the circle is the
Greek letter PSI, the first letter of the Greek word root-- and
the Glosa word-- PSIKO, meaning "mind" or "soul." And so the two
lines opening on the PSI mean Glosists are to have an open mind.

For me this open mind means especially that Glosists should
be accepting of other reople's language habits and not jump in
with all sorts of criticisms about grammar or rhetoric.

No colors have been selected for the Glosa symbol. The
unique shape is recognizable in any color. Lee Green in his web
site selected blue on orange for his flag of Perilo, a
micronation where Glosa is spoken (see _perilo.net_).

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