Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cowboy's Life


Traditional cowboy song

A cowboy's life is a weary, dreary life.
Some say it's free from care:
Rounding up the cattle from morning till night
In the middle of the prairie so bare.

Half past four the noisy cook will roar,
Slowly you will rise with sleepy feeling eyes--
The sweet dreamy night has passed away.

The wolves and owls with their terrifying howls
Disturb us in our midnight dreams,
While we lie on our slickers on a cold, rainy night
Way over on the Pecos Stream.

Spring time sets in--double trouble will begin.
The weather is so fierce and cold
Our clothes are wet and frozen to our neck,
And the cattle we can scarcely hold.

A cowboy's life is a weary, dreary life.
He's driven through the heat and cold,
While the rich man is sleeping on his velvet couch,
Dreaming of his silver and gold.


U traditio bovi-an kanta

U bovi-an bio es ex fo-fatiga.
Oligo dic; es minus noku:
Kolekti panto bovi meso vaku landa,
Kolekti mu matin a noktu.

Kron horo tetr u kuko-pe fu voci;
Vi lento sti vigi ko bi somni oku--
U gluko noktu spende se.

Na sonia gene sto per plu deino voci
De plu bubo e lupus.
Na kumbe epi gumi tem plu pluvi noktu
Tele topo fluvi Pekos.

U blasto-tem nu ven e sti u diplo turba.
U meteo es tali frigi,
Plu vesti es humid e ge-geli a na kola--
Na proxi lose bovi e vigi.

U bovi-an bio es ex fo-fatiga.
An ergo dia term e venti,
Tem plu pluto-pe somni epi luxu kli
Tem sonia de plu kriso e argenti.

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