Sunday, July 11, 2010

Alice in Wonderland (continued)


Now that I have seen Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND, I have more to write about it. It is one of the best movies I have seen in years.
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(+) Kausa mi pa vide u kinema ALICE TOPO MIRALANDA ex Tim Burton, mi pote grafo ma de id. Id es mono ex plu maxi boni kinema; mi pa vide po poli anua.

ALICE uses a literary device. What you see in the fantasy world explains what is happening in the real world.
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(+) ALICE uti u literatura mekani. Plu ra; pe vide in imagina munda, face klari plu ra; qi gene acide in reali munda.

What is the important question in Alice's head as she enters Wonderland: Should she marry the guy everybody wants her to marry (played by Matt Lucas)?
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(+) Qo es u maxi importa qestio in kefa de Alice, kron fe kine in Miralanda: Qe fe debi sti game ad un andro; panto-pe volu; fe sti game?

The events in Wonderland show what Alice is thinking. The characters in Wonderland represent people in the real world. Through the Knave of Hearts (both he and Matt Lucas want to marry her) and other characters she comes to realise she is being FORCED to marry the man. In defeating the JABBERWOCKY, she realises that she is able to stop her REAL problem, that is, telling everyone she does not want to marry the nerd.
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(+) Plu acide in Miralanda monstra plu ra; de qi Alice puta. Plu karakteri in Miralanda es plu representa de plu homi in reali munda. Per "u Servi-pe de plu Kardia" (an e Matt Lucas volu game a fe) e plu hetero karakteri, fe sti rekogni; panto-pe sti; fe DEBI sti game ad u-la andro. Per vikto supra u JABBERWOCKY, fe gene u rekogni; fe pote sto u reali problema; u-la es; dice a panto-pe; fe ne volu sti game ad u-la no-komuni-pe.

Alice also learns who she should marry: someone like the Mad Hatter-- someone who is a little crazy like she is.
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(+) Alice plu gene u ski; fe debi sti game a qo pe: uno-pe homo "u Rabi Kefa-ve-pe-- uno-pe; qi es u mikro rabi homo se.

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