Sunday, January 31, 2010

Announcing a Glos Competition!

Karo Glosa-pe,

This is the official announcement of the first Glosa Pin Literature competition. I'll admit the prize isn't much-- As a dental technician I have learned to bend wire and am using the skill to make lapel-style pins resembling the Glosa symbol.

So far I am the main judge and will be helped by Wendy Ashby from Glosa HQ in England. If anyone else would like to be a judge, contact me.

This contest is open to everyone. Please pass the news of the competition to people who may not have internet access. People can send entries to me snail- or e-mail:

409  7TH  AVE  NW
MANDAN  ND  58554-2522
U  S  A


I will send all entries to Wendy as well. Rules follow.

_ _
/\   Gary

2 0 1 0 G L O S A P I N

To encourage everyone to write in Glosa.


WHO may enter:
The Competition is open to everyone of all ages. Judges may not compete.

The main prize is a gold-colored wire Glosa pin with certificate. One or more silver-colored wire pins with certificate will also be awarded. (See SPECIAL RULES below.)

Entries must be in Glosa. Entries must be 2000 words or less. Entries cannot contain any of the items forbidden in "Judging" below.
Entries must be received by March 31, 2010. The winners will be announced by May 30, 2010. Only one entry will be allowed per person. No corrections will be allowed.
Entries can be submitted through the Glosalist Yahoo Group (glosalist(at), but entries are not limited to members of the Group. The judge(s) will provide other locations to which entries can be submitted as email or conventional mail. The judge(s) will try to print all entries on Glosalist for public viewing.

Judging will be based on the following points:

1) Content (10 points):
Entries need not be complete works, but may be parts of works.
Entries may be fiction or nonfiction, original or translated works.
Entries will be judged for clarity and easiness of understanding.
Entries will be judged for their international appeal.
Because this competition is open to people of all ages, strong sexual content, cursing, or other language inappropriate for children is forbidden.
Any entry with a theme expressing hatred toward a particular ethnic or religious group is forbidden.

2) Vocabulary (5 points):
This is a "Glosa 1000" or "Central Glosa" (as marked in the Glosa Internet Dictionary) Competition. Using words not found in these vocabulary lists will result in lower scores from the judge(s).
The judge(s) will take into consideration that there is some variation in these vocabulary lists as translated by people of different languages and be lenient in these matters.
For names of animals, plants, minerals and chemicals: taxonomy and scientific nomenclature (often derived from Latin and Greek) will be allowed.

3) Grammar (5 points):
Good Glosa grammar such as proper use of PLU and U(N) and subject-verb-object sentence order is preferred.
Entries should rely strongly on logic and be free of idiomatic language.


The Gold Pin is to be awarded to the overall winner of the Competition. Only one Gold Pin will be awarded per Competition; the judge(s) will determine how to break any ties. Winners of the Gold Pin may not receive the Silver Pin in present or future Competitions. Winners of the Gold Pin will be able to win further Gold Pins in future competitions.


The Silver Pin is intended for the best newcomers to Glosa. Anyone who has won a Gold Pin cannot receive a Silver Pin in present or future Competitions. Anyone who has received a Silver Pin in previous competitions cannot receive a second Silver Pin, but will be able to compete for the Gold Pin. In the case of a tie, more than one Silver Pin will be awarded.


Te sti; panto-pe este koragi de grafo per Glosa.


QO-PE lice kompeti:
U Kompeti es lice a panto-pe de panto anua. VETO es; panto judika es in Kompeti.

U cefa premi es u kriso-kroma Glosa aku ex metali-fi plus kon arki papira. Mo alo ma poli argenti-kroma aku ex metali-fi plus kon arki papira fu gene dona.

Panto Kompeti papira debi es ge-grafo per Glosa. Panto papira nece habe 2000 verba alo mei. Es VETO; ali papira habe ali ra, veto in "Judika" infra ci.
Panto Kompeti papira debi es gene ante alo kron meno-3, di 31, anua 2010. Panto vikto-pe gene deklara ante meno-5, di 30, 2010. Solo mono Kompeti papira ex singu Kompeti-pe. Es VETO face plu korekti.
Pe pote bali u Kompeti papira per Yahoo Grega "Glosalist" (glosalist(a); anti-co plu kompeti-pe ne es limita a plu membra de u-ci grega. (Pl)u judika-pe debi dona plu hetero topo; a qi pe pote bali u papira per e-posta alo more posta. (Pl)u judika fu tenta tipo panto papira a Glosalist te gene publika vide.

U judika fu habe u basi de plu seqe ra:

1) Plu in-ra (10 punktu):
Plu kompeti papira ne debi es kompleti ergo, sed lice es u mero de ergo.
Plu kompeti papira lice es imagina alo reali, origi alo ge-tranlati ergo.
Plu kompeti papira fu gene es judika kausa klari e facili de logi.
Plu kompeti papira fu gene es judika kausa internatio tira.
Ka u-ci Kompeti es lice a panto-pe de panto anua, VETO es plu in-ra de forti sexu, alo no-bene verba, alo plu difere verba no-deko ad infanto.
VETO es ali kompeti papira ko tema; qi monstra odio anti ali demo alo religio grega.

2) Plu verba (5 punktu):
U-ci es u "Glosa 1000" alo "Centra Glosa" (iso ge-sema in Glosa Inter-Reti Diktionario) Kompeti. Uti de plu difere verba; qi ne es in plu-ci verba seri, fu gene u seqe; u/plu judika debi dona u ma mikro suma.
U/plu judika debi puta; es oligo difere in plu-ci verba seri, ge-translati ex plu homi de plu hetero lingua; ka-co mu debi monstra u fo-lice de u-ci.
De plu nima de plu zoa, fito, geo-ma e kemi: Lice es plu taxonomi e skience nima (freqe ge-gene ex Latinus e Helena lingua).

3) Gramatika (5 punktu):
Korekti gramatika de Glosa, exempla, korekti uti de PLU e U(N) plus u korekti taxo de nima-akti-buta verba es boni.
Panto kompeti papira forti debi uti logika, plus es minus idio-landa lingua.


U Kriso Aku es u premi de holo vikto de Kompeti. Es solo mo Kriso Aku tem mo kompeti. U/plu judika fu decide; per qo mode te solve plu iso suma. Es VETO; ali vikto-pe de Kriso Aku fu gene un Argenti Aku tem nu alo panto fu Kompeti. Lice es; plu vikto-pe de Kriso Aku gene plu plus Kriso Aku tem fu Kompeti.


Un Argenti Aku es tende pro plu maxi boni neo-pe de Glosa. VETO es; ali-pe, qi pa pre gene u Kriso Aku, gene u plus Argenti Aku tem fu Kompeti. Es VETO; ali vikto-pe de Argenti Aku fu gene un Argenti Aku tem nu alo panto fu Kompeti, sed lice es; gene u Kriso Aku. Kaso plu iso puktu suma, ma poli de mo Argenti Aku es plu premi.

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