Saturday, November 28, 2009


Dear reader,

I have started this blog for the purpose of informing the world about Glosa, an international auxiliary language (IAL). I am doing this because I believe Glosa is the easiest IAL to learn, and because it is the easiest, it can also be of great benefit in world communication even to people that don't learn foreign languages well, including children. Glosa is the only "foreign" language people can learn that will substantially increase their own vocabulary, since Glosa words are derived from scientific, medical, and technical terms.

I plan to use this blog in this way: I will post translations of various things into Glosa, whether they be web sites or advertisings or news. I will then contact the people in charge of these things, inform them that I have done the translation for them, and invite them to use or link to my translation.

Let me make some things clear:

1) I am not doing this for money, only to inform the world about Glosa. I claim no ownership of any pictures or articles that appear in this blog-- I do not even claim ownership of anything I have translated here, but offer it freely to anyone who may want it. If something causes anyone offense, I will remove the offending items as soon as possible.

2) This blog does not associate anything translated here with the Glosa movement. The intent is to provide free publicity for whomever I translate things and for Glosa, but not to connect the two.

3) If, however, someone would like to suggest to me possible things to translate, feel free to do so. Although this blog is open to the public, it is my personal blog, and I will not translate things contrary to my conscience or religion.

No, I really don't expect many takers of this service I am providing. It will mainly be a way that I can use to inform people about Glosa. I can, however, dream... .

* * *

Karo lekto-pe,

Mi nu proto u-ci blog te spora a geo plu info de Glosa, un internatio auxi lingua (IAL). Mi akti u-ci, ka mi kredi; Glosa es u maxi facili IAL, de qi pe pote gene sko, e, ka id es u maxi facili, id plus pote es de mega bene de geo komunika klu a plu homi, qi ne boni gene sko de plu xeno glosa, inklude plu infanti. Glosa es u solo "xeno" glosa, de qi plu homi gene sko, qi fu sti ma mega mu auto verba-fa, ka plu verba de Glosa origi ex internatio skience, medika e tekni verba.

Mi sti u skema te uti u-ci blog per tali mode: Mi fu moti a ci plu translati de plu difere ra a Glosa, si mu es plu inter-reti pagina alo vendo info alo nova. Po-co mi fu dona info de u-ci a plu homi, qi du arki plu-ci ra, e dice; mi pa face u translati pro mu, e petitio; mu uti alo face u nexu a mi translati.

Sti lice; mi sti klari plu ra:

1) Mi ne akti u-ci te gene valuta, solo te info de Glosa a geo. Mi pretende zero habe-privilegi de ali pikto alo artikla, qi gene vista in u-ci blog-- Mi ne klu pretende habe plu ra, mi translati ci. Anti-co mi dona u-ci minus paga ad ali-pe, qi volu u-ci. Si u certa ra sti; u pe este koleri, mi fu tako apo u-la ra.

2) U-ci blog ne du nexu ali ra, ge-translati ci, kon ali Glosa aktivi. U tende es; dona plu minus-paga publika ad ali-pe, pro qi mi pa translati, plus a Glosa, sed ne; sti u nexu inter bi mu.

3) Anti-co, si uno-pe volu proposi a mi plu posi ra, mi fu translati, este libe de tali. Anti u-ci blog es publika, id du es mi auto blog, plus mi ne fu translati ali-ra anti mi este alo religio.

No, mi veri ne expekta; poli uti-pe de u-ci servi, mi dona. Id fu cefa es u mode, per qi mi pote dona a plu homi plu info de Glosa. Anti-co, mi du sonia... .

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